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Supplies for 2014-2015

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Pre- K supplies

The following are supplies you will need by the time of open house in Aug. 

* copy of your child’s immunization record we can make copies here. *one box of KLEENEX (no specific brand)

*One BOX of 5 oz. paper cups (NOT 3 oz. bathroom & not bags of cups)

Please put your childs name on the following items:

*One box of Crayola or Prang water colors (please do not buy the cheaper brands these will go on sale) These are stored in a basket in the room.


*A SCHOOL BOX (no handles, space savers)

*one bottle of Elmers School Glue  (4 oz.)

*one box of 8 crayons Classic - Crayola is the best brand-NOT large or jumbo. Please stay away from the washable-as they don’t color wellThe regular size is great. (Can send pink and gray)


*one box of 10 Classic Color Markers - Stay with the BROAD tip the thin tip will not work for many of our projects.


PLEASE do not send anything extra as it interferes with our routine. Thanks. All other items that are needed will be provided by the preschool.

The first day of school:
*They will need a folder to carry their papers home. I suggest you buy 2 when they are reasonable – one for first semester and one for the second semester

*Each student will need a regular sized back pack on the first day of school. The back packs stay in the lockers and need to be big enough for library books, papers, shoes, etc. The small ones look cute but are not practical.