Beulah Little People Preschool

The Beulah Little People Preschool

The BLPP is a nonprofit cooperative organization owned and operated by the parents whose children are enrolled in the program.  The BLPP was founded in 1978 by a group of parents who wanted to promote the education and learning process of young children and to help them prepare for Kindergarten through creative play, exposure to music and by giving them the opportunity to express themselves.   Academic material such as recognizing the alphabet, number, shapes and colors are introduced and reinforced through various activities during the school year.  The primary goal of the preschool is to provide an environment in which your child's social skills can better be developed.

Beginning Learners is designed to be the step before Pre-K.  We work on developing social skills, fine motor and gross motor through manipulatives and play.  Seat work is minimal.

The preschool cannot operate without the added financial support of fundraisers and donations.  Please contact one of the Board of Directors for additional information on how you can help support the BLPP.